Things never to display in front of children

Things never to display in front of children

Study has proven that most children grow up exhibiting the characteristics of their parents or those they grew up with. As a parent or guardian, there are certain things you should not display in front of your child.

Let's look at four things that should not be displayed in front of children:

1. Any form of intimacy (kissing/sex): Many parents practice this, especially kissing, in front of their kids, and then question the teacher when the child starts exhibiting those behaviors elsewhere. Children observe and mimic what they see, so parents, please take note of this.

2.Content meant for adults only: Some parents buy adult movies and watch them comfortably with their children. The child is more likely to imitate what they have been watching.

3. Quarreling: Certain experiences can traumatize children. When parents quarrel and fight, the child absorbs this and may become a violent individual or a bully later in life.

4. Smoking: As it has been said countless times, "Smokers are more likely to die young." Some children have picked up the habit of smoking from their parents or guardians. Imagine someone starting to smoke at an early age. What kind of future would be left for them?