Your Level of Thinking Determines How Far You Will Go

Your Level of Thinking Determines How Far You Will Go

"No great man will say he became great without aspiring to greatness, and likewise, no rich man will claim to have become wealthy without thoughtful planning and action.

Your thinking determines your success. When you think less, you achieve less. But when you think more, you become more."

Factors that affect your thinking:

1. Friends: The people you associate with have a significant influence on your thinking. If you surround yourself with individuals who lack vision and critical thinking, over time, your own thinking will be affected in a similar manner.

2. Places you go: Great men of vision frequent places where other great men gather. However, there are also places that can diminish a person's greatness. It is important to take note of this.

3. Salary earnings: Another factor that influences one's thinking is the level of income they earn. A person earning 300,000 monthly will likely have a different level of thinking compared to someone earning 30,000 monthly.