Time to a leave a girl

Time to a leave a girl

Boys should understand and respect girls' boundaries. When a girl doesn't love you, no matter how much you do for her, she will still choose the one she wants.

If a girl displays the following signs, it is advisable to keep your distance:

1. She avoids initiating conversations: If you're always the one starting the chats and she never takes the initiative, it's a clear indication that she isn't interested.

2. She frequently ignores you: When a girl consistently ignores you every time you meet, it's a strong sign that she doesn't want you.

3. She frequently asks you for money: A girl who genuinely loves you won't constantly demand money. However, a girl who doesn't love you will ask for money at the slightest opportunity.

4. She tends to insult you during arguments: When a lady loves someone, she is usually more respectful and submissive. If she insults you whenever you have a disagreement, it's a clear sign that you should step back.

To avoid emotional breakdown, it is better to end such a relationship in its early stages.